Executive Self-retrieval Car System.

This unique system allows a client to have 24/7 access to their vehicles by entering our ‘secured’ facility to pick-up their car without an ACS attendant present or having to a schedule a specific time in advanced.

The system works as follows:
You gain entry to the building with a pre-designed coded credit card style pass key. The card registers your time of arrival and exit.
This custom card allows you to Disarm the building in a secured and ‘monitored’ area.
You then scan yourself into the main storage facility from the secured area with your pass key.
Enter your car that would be located on the lower level.
Drive to the exit automatic garage door that will sense the coded reader in your car and open the garage door and engage the exhaust fan.
Exit the building, the garage will automatically close and turn off the exhaust fan and rearm the entire building.